Members of ILLA participate in the commemorative activities of Día das Letras 2020
October 2020
A Coruña / Ferrol

Carlos Biscainho, Pilar García Negro and Laura Tato take part in the events organised by the Council of Galician Culture and the Royal Galician Academy in honour of Ricardo Carvalho Calero.

On 14th November, at the Jofre Theatre, the Council of Galician Culture held an event in which  "Ferrol, 1916", a piece by the composer Miguel Brotóns based on one of the poems by the author from Ferrol, was premiered. The event also featured the presentation of "Farsa das zocas", a publication including an introductory study by Carlos Biscainho with which the Council recovered Carvalho Calero's dramatic works.

For their part, the Royal Galician Academy holds a symposium devoted to Carvalho Calero during the month of November. On the 15th, in a session focused on literary studies, Pilar García Negro will offer a lecture entitled "Os estudos de Ricardo Carvalho Calero sobre Rosalía de Castro: unha achega maxistral". On the 22nd, in a session centred on literary creation, Laura Tato will discuss Carvalho Calero's career as a playwright in a lecture entitled "Carvalho Calero, dramaturgo".

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