ILLA organises the 'Arredor de Carvalho Calero' sessions
19th to 21st October 2020
Faculty of Philology (UDC)

The meetings will be held at the Conference Room (Salón de graos) at 13 h.

With this activity, which was initially planned for the month of April, ILLA wants to enhance the knowledge about the figure and the works of professor Carvalho Calero, a civic and intellectual reference in 20th century Galiza.

The comference is supported by the Faculty of Philology Comission of Culture and will be organised according to the following program:

_19th October: "Carvalho Calero, cidadán", with the participation of Pilar García Negro and Henrique Rabuñal

_20th October: "Carvalho Calero, creador",with the participation of Manuel Castelao and Laura Tato

_21st October: "Carvalho Calero, estudioso", with the participation of Mario Regueira and Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei

ILLA has lead the organisation of scientific meethings devoted to the distinguished professor from Ferrol: on 2000, Francisco Salinas and Teresa López organised Ricardo Carvalho Calero. Memoria do século [] and on 2010 Carlos Biscaínho and Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei organised Ricardo Carvalho Calero. Ciencia, literatura e nación [].