Andrea Gagino's intervention at the series 'Aula Aberta'
April 20th 2023, at 19:30 h
AC Alexandre Bóveda (A Coruña)

The conference is titled 'Besta do seu sangue de Emma Pedreira. A revisión do caso Romasanta desde a perspectiva de xénero'.

The attributes associated to the wolf are related to the patriarchal conception of masculinity and the werewolf is often read in a masculine key. The conference explores the licantrophy phenomenon in Galician culture and literature in regard to Romasanta —the first Galician serial killer— and Emma Pedreira's novel, Besta do seu sangue, published in 2018, from a feminist and gender perspective. 

Andrea Gagino Mato is an English Graduate by the University of South Wales and a Galician and English Graduate by Universidade da Coruña, where she also obtained the Secondary Teaching Master. She is currently preparing herself for the competetive examinations for secondary teacher.

The event will take place at the headquarters of the Agrupación Cultural Alexandre Bóveda (Santo André Street 36, 1º).