ILLA organize the international research seminar 'Xoán González-Millán e os estudos socioculturais galegos'
April 11th, 2024, 4 pm
Sala Carvalho Calero da Facultade de Filoloxía

The seminar, coordinated by Dr. Isaac Lourido, a member of ILLA, will feature the presence of María Liñeira and Pablo Pesado

Xoán González-Millán (1951-2002) conducted an extense research at the City University of New York on numerous topics, including the narrative of Álvaro Cunqueiro, the relationship between Galician literature and society since 1975, and theoretical and critical models for studying subaltern cultures.

The seminar is coordinated by Isaac Lourido, a member of ILLA, and its main objective is to critically evaluate the research legacy of Xoán González-Millán. It will feature the presence of María Liñeira (independent researcher) and Pablo Pesado (Espaço Claro Corbelhe), who will respectively address some of González-Millán's considerations regarding exile literature and the relevance of the concepts of 'literary nationalism' and 'national literature' developed by the author.

This activity is part of the training program for Master's in Literature, Culture and Diversity and the Doctoral Program in Literary Studies.