Galaxia publishes 'Galaicofobia'
April 2024

The volume is authored by Alexandre Peres Vigo, a member of ILLA

Galaicofobia delves into a phenomenon experienced by Galician society that is rarely mentioned: contempt for the Galician people. The book presents numerous literary testimonies of both the affinities and, above all, the aversions towards Galicia, its language, and culture, It analyzes the origin and evolution of galaicofobia and a series of cruel and ridiculing anti-Galician stereotypes that emerged in the Castilian Meseta.

This work is the result of Alexandre Peres Vigos's main line of study, already explored in his doctoral thesis: the anti-Galician stereotype and galaicofobia, as well as the literary, historical, and sociolinguistic implications of these phenomena.