Rafael Dieste. Vida, personalidade e obra


Freixeiro Mato, Xosé Ramón

Research lines

Literary and culture studies
Contemporary Galician literature




Laiovento, Col. "Ensaio"

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Rafael Dieste: Vida, personalidade e obra explores the multifaceted human and literary personality of Rafael Dieste, and the intense relationship with Galicia and the Galician language that shaped him and his writing.

Xosé Ramón Freixeiro Mato’s new bio-bibliography of Dieste is a portrait of the man and his ideas, and his lifelong bond with the native land that inspired much of his literature.

The book analyses Dieste’s writing in Galician and his place in Galician literature, focusing in particular on the author’s first play, A fiestra valdeira (1927), and first short story collection, Dos arquivos do trasno (1926). In addition, Freixeiro Mato delves into the small archive of poetry left by Dieste, his essays, ‘Antre a terra e o ceo’ and ‘Vontade de estilo na fala popular’, and other literary texts.

The sociology, morphology, syntax, lexis, semantics and phonetics of Dieste’s language are analysed in the final section of the book, together with the author’s theories about style and their implementation in his work, and his attitude and proposals in relation to the standardisation of Galician.