Gramática da Lingua Galega II. Morfosintaxe


Freixeiro Mato, Xosé Ramón

Research lines

Galician grammar




A Nosa Terra

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The second volume in the Gramática da Lingua Galega series focuses on the syntax and morphology of the Galician language. Freixeiro Mato’s latest study follows in the long tradition of Galician grammar studies, reflected most notably in recent times by Gramática galega (Álvarez et al. 1986) and Nova gramática para a aprendizaxe da lingua (Costa Casas et al. 1988). The aim of the book is not merely to repeat or repackage that work, however, but to complete and expand upon it. Constrained by limitations of space and the vastness of the subject matter from covering all aspects of the subject, the analysis focuses on the more unusual and idiosyncratic aspects of the topic: dative pronoun of solidarity, conjugated infinitive, gerundial infinitive, future subjunctive, phrasal verbs, use of preposition a with direct objects, etc.