Fernando Osorio do Campo. Unha vida sen treguas
June 9th, 2017

Publícase Fernando Osorio do Campo. Unha vida sen treguas, de Carlos-Caetano Biscainho-Fernandes, XXI Premio Carvalho Calero de Investigación Lingüística ou Ensaio. A investigación deriva do proxecto "Recuperación do patrimonio teatral de Galiza II (1923-1936)".

Fernando Osorio do Campo remains a mystery to our dramatic historiography. Except for his participation in the theatrical movement of the Irmandades da Fala in 1919 - in which he was at the head of the National Conservatory of Galician Art - only some surprising biographical details had come to us through the vital chronicle published by Grial In 1971.  The present text - winner of the XXI Carvalho Calero Prize for Linguistic Research or Essay - offers a rested look at the fascinating Fernando Osorio’s life, all of his theater plays and the actor's cultural and political participation.