Clastea III: Teatro Clássico e a sua receção
16-18 March 2016

The third edition of the Clastea classical theatre conference will take place on 16-18 March at the University of Coimbra (Faculty of Arts), and include participation by two members of the University of A Coruña ILLA research group.

Clastea is a joint initiative of the Universities of Coimbra, Granada, Mar del Plata and Rosario, providing a forum for debate and reflection on questions of Greek and Roman theatre, and its influence and impact on literary culture in Spanish and Portuguese. Following earlier editions in Mar del Plata (2011) and Rosario (2013), this year’s conference will be hosted by the University of Coimbra, under the title: ‘The book of time: writing and rewriting’. The conference will take place on 16-18 March in the Faculty of Arts.


ILLA will be represented at Clastea by two members of the group, with their insights and analyses on the influence of classical culture on Galician literature. Pilar García Negro and Carme Fernández Pérez-Sanjulián will take part in sessions on the final day of the conference, Friday, 18 March, with papers entitled, respectively, ‘A Sombra de Orfeo, by Ricardo Carvalho Calero: the classical myth at the service of a male fantasy?’ and ‘A Lagarada, by Ramón Otero Pedrayo, and the regenerating use of classical tragedy in Galician theatre’.


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