Modelos de lingua e compromiso


Sánchez Rei, Xosé Manuel

Research lines

Sociolinguistics and language planning




Baía Edicións

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The centuries-old process of lexical and social recovery in relation to the Galician language has given rise to innumerable debates, methodologies and ideological positions with regard to grammar and other more sociolinguistic considerations, including spelling, standardisation (dating back to the 18th century) and public regeneration policies: What type of Galician did the revivalists of the 19th century consider the most suitable basis for a literary language? Where might such a variety be found? What tools can we use to restore Galician in the places where it has disappeared, and encourage it in the spaces it has yet to reach? What is and has been the role of writers in raising the status of the language? Is it up to all Galician speakers to maintain certain public standards of accuracy and idiomaticity, or do politicians and official bodies have a greater responsibility in this regard than the average man or woman on the street?