Onde ferve o amor por Galiza. Correspondencia do galeguismo do exterior con Sebastián Martínez-Risco (1942-1977)


Freixeiro Mato, Xosé Ramón

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Literary and culture studies




Deputación Provincial da Coruña

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Onde ferve o amor por Galiza is an anthology of correspondence between Sebastián Martínez-Risco and members of the Galicianist movement overseas, with an introductory essay by Xosé Ramón Freixeiro Mato exploring the life and times of Martínez-Risco, his presidency of the Royal Galician Academy (1960-1977), and his relationship with the Galician diaspora. The introduction also looks at the question of language and identity among the Galician community in Latin America, examines the symbolic status of Buenos Aires as the fifth province of Galicia and overseas capital of Galician culture, and concludes with a description of the criteria used for the selection and transcription of the 265 letters featured in the collection. The final compendium includes correspondence between Martínez-Risco and prominent figures in Galician culture, such as Luís Seoane, Eduardo Blanco Amor, Isaac Díaz Pardo, Emilio González López, Xosé Neira Vilas, Emilio Pita, Xosé Núñez Búa, Manuel Casado Nieto, Basilio Losada, Víctor Luís Molinari and Joaquim dos Santos Júnior, among others, together with an appendix of five letters of especial significance on the subject of exile and emigration. Readers will find the indexes at the end of the book a useful aid for reference and research.