O Teatro Circo na configuración do Teatro Independente Galego (1967-1978)


Lourenço Módia, Cilha

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Theatre studies




Edicións Laiovento

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Teatro Circo, the first independent theatre group in Galicia, was founded in A Coruña in 1967. The company’s 11 years of intense activity and innovation across a range of areas played a vital role in the restoration and subsequent development of the dramatic arts in Galicia.

Teatro Circo’s contribution to Galician drama was not confined to its achievements on the stage, however. The group also offered theatrical training to members, and enriched the wider dramatic literary scene in Galicia by creating an audience for work by younger playwrights, breathing new life into classics, and producing Galician translations of essential works of classical and contemporary drama in other languages. It raised consciousness of the history of the theatre in Galicia through its publications in specialist magazines and the press, while maintaining a close eye on key dramatic and literary developments abroad.

Teatro Circo was involved in or directly responsible for all of the most important theatrical events in Galicia during its lifetime. It acted as a drama school when there was none for many professional actors of the future, promoted a range of different dramatic societies and platforms, and was in regular contact with a host of similar collectives, both locally and in other parts of Spain and Portugal.