Teatro Circo. Tres textos


Lourenço Módia, Cilha

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Theatre studies




Deputación da Coruña

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In Teatro Circo. Tres textos, Laura Tato offers a long overdue analysis and reflection on the dramatic and cultural activities of the first and most explicitly and actively committed representative of the independent theatre movement in Galicia: Teatro Circo (1967-1978).

The study begins with a detailed analysis of the state of Galician drama following the Spanish civil war, to highlight the theatrical revolution wrought by Teatro Circo at a time when drama in Galicia had been reduced to little more than Spanish-language commercial theatre and a handful of chamber and experimental collectives.

Tato goes on to examine briefly the aesthetic ideology behind the research and dramatic stage work of the Teatro Circo experiment, charting the main achievements of the group in order to evaluate the precise extent of its influence on the revival, modernisation and dissemination of Galician drama during the dictatorship and its continued development subsequently.

The final section of the book features three plays by Manuel Lourenzo: Crónica de sol de inverno (1971), Erros e ferros de Pedro Madruga (1972) and Hipólito (1973). Performed in their day by Teatro Circo, and unpublished until now, the texts illustrate the ideology, influence and importance of the first independent theatre group in Galicia.