Xoán López Viñas

Contratado Doutor

Xoán López Viñas (Caión, 1981) holds a degree in Galician Philology from the University of A Coruña (2003), with an extraordinary award, and a doctorate from the University of A Coruña (2012), also with an extraordinary award.

After being an Assistant Professor since 2007 and later an Assistant Doctor and an Interim Substitute Professor, he currently teaches as a Contracted PhD Lecturer at the Faculty of Philology, where he has been teaching Galician language subjects at the bachelor, degree and master levels

His research activity focuses mainly on Historical Linguistics and Synchronic Grammar, in addition to Ecdotics and Textual Criticism. His publications include Dicionario de afixos do galego medieval (2015), the result of part of his doctoral thesis on  A formación de palabras no galego medieval: afixación ‒defended in 2012‒; Gramática práctica da lingua galega. Comunicación e expresión (2010, 1st ed.; 2011, 2nd ed.) published alongside Cilha Lourenço and Marisa Moreda, and deserving of the Xosefa Iglesias Vilarelle Award for the best educational book of 2010; the critical editions of Memoria crítico-bibliográfica del Teatro Regional Gallego (2006), by Uxío Carré Aldao, and of O frade das dúas almas (2009, in collaboration with Teresa López), by Xosé Tobío Mayo. He is also the author, together with Cilha Lourenço and María Vilariño, of the textbooks for the four ESO levels (2015-2016).

In addition, López Viñas won the I UDC Prize for Galician Language Normalisation Inititatives 'Luísa Villalta' for the design of a linguistic normalisation campaign in 2004, and in 2014 he was awarded the IX Research Prize of Humanities 'Concepción Arenal' 2014 for the project Glosario da poesía medieval profana galego-portuguesa (, directed by Manuel Ferreiro.

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