Manuel Ferreiro Fernández


Manuel Ferreiro is a Professor of Galician and Portuguese Linguistics, Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of A Coruña. He has a PhD in Galician-Portuguese Studies from the University of Santiago de Compostela (1990), and completed his undergraduate studies at the same university in 1978.

His research activity encompasses areas within Historical Linguistics (including the publication of a two-volume Historical Grammar of Galician, 1995-1997), and Textual Criticism (critical analysis and edition), specifically in relation to medieval Galician-Portuguese troubadour poetry texts. He has directed and participated in a number of research projects, and his articles and essays have appeared in a variety of different journals and anthologies. His annotated critical editions include As cantigas de Rodrigu’Eanes de Vasconcelos and O Cancioneiro de Pero Mafaldo (in collaboration with Leticia Eirín)

Another of his primary research interests is the life and work of Eduardo Pondal. Ferreiro’s research focuses on the critical study and edition of Pondal’s work, and analysis of the poet’s unique literary style and language. His publications on the subject include the poet’s collected works (in four volumes, 1995-2005), and numerous studies and articles on the poet: De Breogán aos Pinos. O texto do Himno Galego (1996, 1st ed.; 2007, 4th ed.); O Himno Galego. Documentos históricos (1890-1907), 2007; Eduardo Pondal, o cantor do eido noso (2017); Estes son os eidos amigos. Escolma xeográfica da poesía pondaliana (2017); Eduardo Pondal: Os cantos eran da Patria (120 poemas)​ (2017).

Ferreiro received the 17th Losada Diéguez Research Prize in 2006 for his edition of Os Eoas by Eduardo Pondal, and the 9th Concepción Arenal Prize for Research in the Humanities (2014), for the Annotated Critical Glossary of Medieval Galician-Portuguese Poetry project (

Currently, he directs the Universo Cantigas project, which aims to produce the digital critical edition of the texts of the secular Galician-Portuguese lyric (

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